Junior Development Program



We run classes mostly cater for 5-12 years old. And we also support them continue with the sport throughout their teenage. Our programme focus on table tennis fundamentals in a fun and encouraging environment and are led by our highly experienced coaches with NZ national team and inter national experience.


Most players new to the sport starts off with our junior club group where they learn fundamental forehand and backhand stroke in a supportive team environment.


Players from junior club group progresses into two groups, junior squad and intermediate group. Junior squad training prepare players for school team and focuses on foundation building. Intermediate group training is a cross training program involves group training with personal trainer. The high intensity training helps to prepare players for competitive table tennis.


For those consistently enter competitions and reachs competitive level, JDCP has group training cater for Regional Representative. For those in national squad, JDCP provide support for their custom design high performance programme.